What is iboga and Ibogaine?
Ibogaine is the primary active component of the iboga plant. Iboga is plant from West Africa that is used as a visionary medicine by the Bwiti and Pygmy cultures. It is used as an initiation into adulthood and a powerful healer. In the 1960s a heroin addict named Howard Lotsoff accidentally discovered this plant's incredible properties to physically and neurochemically interrupt heroin addiction and other addictions. Since that time, a movement of former addicts treating addicts with iboga has spread worldwide. Ibogaine works like nothing else with regards to addiction, especially opiate addiction. It neurochemically resets the brain to a pre-addictive state. Addicts are able to arrest their drug addiction without, or with minimal withdrawal symptoms, and emerge from the ibogaine experience free of cravings or with cravings greatly reduced. Many people are set free from a lifetime of drug addiction with a single ibogaine treatment.

How and Why Ibogaine Works
Ibogaine resets the neurochemistry of the brain to a pre-addictive state. Ibogaine promotes the brain's ability to produce GDNF, which is a growth hormone that promotes neuroplasticity and neurological regeneration. This allows for a great deal of pattern changing and new growth that for many people did not seem possible before their ibogaine experience. The period of time after receiving ibogaine is something akin to a neurological second childhood, a place of freedom where old habits can be shed and new patterns can be created. This being said, ibogaine is primarily an addiction interrupter. As important as the ibogaine itself is what we do with ourselves in the weeks and months after treatment as well as the patterns we make out of the space that iboga offers in our lives and in ourselves. Ibogaine interrupts the addiction, whether lasting recovery is built out of this opportunity or not is largely in a participants hands and based on the work done on one's self after the process. Aftercare is key! Ibogaine has also been found to be useful for many people with depression, anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorder as well as other conditions. The neuroplasticity promoted by ibogaine promotes the healing of the brain.


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