As demand for Ibogaine and iboga skyrockets globally, harvesting and poaching of wild iboga skyrockets as well. Much of the wild iboga is taken from the 13 national parks of Gabon as well as from other ancient forests of Gabon, Camaroon, and other parts of West Africa. In West Africa small personal and collective groves planted near the temples and homes, and the wild iboga growing in the forest has always provided more than enough medicine for the pygmy and bwiti cultures that use it sacramentally. As global demand grows exponentially, this is no longer true. Much of the wild iboga is also found along elephant trails. The elephants eat iboga fruits and defecate the seeds intact promoting wild iboga growth. There has long been a recognized connection between the iboga and the elephant. Unfortunately, many sources in Africa report that a portion of the iboga poaching is being done by elephant poachers seeking to maximize their profit. Another factor is that with the logging of old growth forests the natural habitat of iboga is rapidly diminishing. Much of this information is thanks to Yann Guignon who lived in Gabon for nine years and has dedicated himself to the preservation of iboga and of Bwiti [click here to assist Yann].

Starting a sustainable iboga farm in Mexico for ourselves and a small portion of providers is only a small step towards finding a solution for these problems... but we feel that it is a necessary step. Hopefully it can also serve as a model for others to follow in the future. Sustainably grown iboga contributes to us not supporting wild iboga poaching.


Fundraiser to create a sustainable iboga farm: $30,000 goal!
The world needs a sustainable source of iboga to meet growing demands.

Please Donate:

10% of our donations will go directly to Gabon to support preservation of iboga and of Bwiti.


Farm Land with Wonderful Possibilities Chris Bushwacking through Terrain Raw Land at the Iboga Farm

Iboga Root Home has Already Secured the Land for the Farm
This is not just a dream. The sustainable iboga farm is happening. In addition to the land, we have two thriving mother plants over 5 years old producing seeds here in Mexico, as well as a sustainable source for seeds in Africa. Any help we receive is greatly appreciated and will make this happen faster.

The Work is Just Beginning, and Your Donation will Help Make the Iboga Farm a reality

The best time to begin the farm was Yesterday. Iboga is a slow growing plant and a root derived medicine. It takes 5 to 7 years for an iboga plant to mature and be a viable source of medicine.

Rather than funding this ourselves and putting in a few plants here and a few there... we are asking for you to help. We want to plant acres of iboga immediately, knowing that the sooner we do so, the sooner the plants will grow into maturity so that in 10 years iboga therapists will have a reliable and sustainable source of ethically grown iboga.

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